Top 10 Colorful Spring Blossoms


I love this quote! It’s a more zenful approach to the quote we all know, “Stop and Smell the Roses.”  Life is all about stopping and giving your attention to something beautiful, whatever shape or form it may come in.  Spring is all about beauty and the blossoms are a huge gift from mother nature. Today I am spreading a little cheerfulness and celebrating my top 10 favorite Spring blossoms and even a few creative ways to accent them into your life.

1.  Cherry Blossoms.  Spring has sprung when the cherries are blossoming their beautiful pink flowers.  Pick a few and accent them in your bike basket, ride around town and spread some cheer.


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2.  Tulips. I love walking the farmer’s market and enjoying the different colors of tulips, the vibrant colors  immediately make me smile.


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3.  Daffodils- Color blocking florals is a modern way to get a clean and fresh look. I especially love doing this with daffodils, the bright yellow is a show stopper especially placed in a decorative pot.


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4.  Forsythia. My most favorite bloom of Spring is forsythia. The yellow blossom screams springtime. I love this idea of pairing the vibrant branches up with some fun rain boots for a stylish entry statement.


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5.  The Dogwood. It might be the state flower of North Carolina, but it is enjoyed all throughout the country.


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6.  White Hydrangea. I am a huge fan of the white hydrangea, the big fluffy  blossoms are so modern and chic, but paired up in a rustic container adds a bit of an eclectic flair.


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7.  Star Magnolia- If you have not had the privilege to see a star magnolia in full bloom, here is your chance.  My neighbor has the most magnificent star magnolia which blooms every Spring right outside my kitchen window. Truly magical.


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8.  Mix it Up. Get creative with your Spring flowers.  When creating an assorted pot, remember to layer your plants, different heights and textures create a unique look.


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9.  Liliac’s. Purple. Purple. Purple. Placed in a simple mason jar  this look is the perfect accent for your gathering.


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10. Garden Party. Vibrant blooms mixed with succulents is a hip and springy vibe for your next garden party.


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Spread the cheerfulness and celebrate the Spring blooms this season!


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