Outdoor Friendly 4th of July Skewers


We are feeling very Martha Stewart with an outdoor twist today at Outdoor Trunk. We tried our hand at all the favorite treats of 4th of July all piled on an portable skewer. Its got to be easy, kid friendly, little mess and easily transported to your 4th of July fun. We love this idea because it offers all the flavors of the holiday and can be made the day before. More time to gather and celebrate with family and friends and not stuck in the kitchen. That’s Outdoor Trunk Style!

What you will Need:
Brownie Mix
Large Marshmallows
BBQ Skewers

Here’s the details:
1. Follow the directions and make your brownies from the directions on the box. Pour the batter into small muffin tins to get the perfect bite size brownie. Make sure not to cook to long, they cook quick in the small tins.

2. While your brownies are cooling, wash your strawberries , trim the stems, but keep the strawberries whole.

3. Wash your blueberries

4. Use standard BBQ skewers and in no particular order, string the marshmallows, strawberries, blueberries and brownies onto the skewer.

5. Place in a fun bowl, we used a watermelon bowl to keep with the theme. Another fun idea is putting them into a vase and fan them out like a bouquet.

Eat, enjoy and be festive this 4th of July!

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