10 Different ways to Cook with Mint

season-in-a-trunk-mint-recipes It’s a minty kind of week as we roll out our spring seasonal color, you guessed it, mint!  So I thought it was only appropriate to keep the theme in full force this week and share with you my favorite recipes using mint.  It is one of my favorite herbs to cook with and reminds me of the fresh lightness of spring. Because mint grows well in most climates, it’s considered a very hardy herb and used widely is recipes throughout the world.  Here’s a little tip: plant mint in pots as it goes crazy, it’s a little easier to control and you can place near your kitchen for easy picking. When throwing a dinner party, pick some mint, rub it between your palms to release the aroma and place under the tablecloth, the fresh smell will entice your guests and get them in a springy kind of mood. With that said, let’s get cooking!

Chickpea Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

A fresh spring salad to bring to a party!


Moroccan Spice Carrots with Feta + Mint

This is one of my favorites the colors are so fresh.


Strawberry, Lime and Cucumber Mint Water-

Spark up your water at your next party!


Homemade Thin Mints

Girl Scouts move over, these are to die for.


Thai Mango Salad with Fresh Mint

Perfect for an afternoon luncheon.


Potato Samosas with Mint

If you have not tried a samosa, it’s about time you did, the Indian favorite will send your taste buds soaring.



Reminds me of my travels to Greece.


Pea, Mint and Spring  Onion Soup

A great touch to a spring evening.


Honey Mint Lemonade



True Mint Ice Cream

My families favorite.


Have a Minty Day!


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